Ev-charge America

Smart Grid Infrastructure

One of the first manufacturers of electric vehicle products and software, EV-Charge America provides a wide array of products and services for electric vehicle owners, including plug-in automobile charging stations. EV-Charge America utilizes a wireless, network of subscription and non-subscription based electric vehicle charging stations that can be located via Google Maps and OnStar, as well as through many smartphones and other hand-held devices. Additionally, the charging stations have the ability to be integrated with renewable solar power panel arrays.

Devoted to satisfying its customers, EV-Charge America has designed its charging stations to be easy to use. After locating a station, patrons simply wave their RFID key tag in front of the reader to activate the current of electricity and start charging their vehicles. In addition, the reader unit can be configured to retain important information, such as charging time and amount of electricity used. The company also manufactures compact individual charging units for home use.                             
9030 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 125
Las Vegas, NV 89117
United States
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